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Ask a Question Chart – is about asking a question* about a problem or circumstance that you are facing and wish to know the answer to. You can ask for yourself or some other person (you need to state the relationship -eg. your son/husband/girlfriend/neighbour/father etc).

You can ask the question via phone or email and I will contact you within 48 hours of receiving the question to let you know that your answer is ready and that you can proceed to make the payment. The answer is given within a maximum time of 72 hours. The answer can be given over the phone or via email.

If for some reason the answer to your question is going to take longer than 72 hours – I will be in touch with a different time frame and ask you if you still wish to proceed.

Because of the strict code and technique followed in interpreting the Ask a Question type of chart, there are times when the question asked cannot be answered as a rule – in such a case I will contact you and let you know that I will not be answering your question and there will be no payment required.


*Asking the question:

1. Frame the question clearly

2. Provide a bit of background information

Eg. Will I pass the test? – It is a driving test / university entrance exam and this is my first / second attempt.

Eg. Will I get the job? - Have applied for the job and am waiting to hear back.

Eg. Does my boyfriend love me? - Have been in a relationship for a few months / years and would like to know what he really thinks about me.

Do not ask a “when” type of question unless you are certain about getting whatever it is you are asking about before you can work out ‘when’ it will happen. 


Do not ask moral or ethical questions – Eg. Should I divorce my partner? - This is a moral type of question and I cannot ethically be expected to give you permission in such a case. Instead you can ask – Is there a future in our relationship? Or Does he / she love me?

Personal life question - $75 per question

Business related question - $199 per question

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