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building better relationships HOROSCOPE MATCHING CHART

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Horoscope Matching Package for Marriage (Your chart + 1 partner chart*)


The Horoscope matching chart can help you choose the most compatible partner for yourself. The process involves matching your unique horoscope with the horoscope of 1 potential mate in order to ascertain your compatibility before you take the final step of promising to share a lifetime together.

In certain traditions and cultures, very often a person considering marriage has to look through a wide number of choices for a potential mate. This can prove to be overwhelming, time consuming and sometimes disappointing trying to find the one person most suitable for you. Our ancestors were wise to create a horoscope matching selection process through the science of astrology. Their techniques show us that we can achieve harmony in marriage by comparing birth charts and picking out the one that matches us best especially in certain very important areas of our life.

Compares your chart with 1 other birth chart. Matching criteria include :

  • Matching of personality needs according to the requirements indicated in your chart.

  • Complementary emotional understanding capacity so you can emotionally understand and support each other throughout your relationship.

  • Analysis of communication level and ability - good communication compatibility is crucial to a happy relationship.

  • Comparing attitudes to money, love, romance, sex, children, career etc.


You will get clear information that you can use to decide if you would like to go ahead and meet up with this potential 'matched mate' and see how compatible the two of you are. 



*You are responsible for providing 1 birth chart for comparison to your own birth chart. Please provide the correct birth date, time and place for the charts. This analysis will indicate if the partner chart is compatible to your chart, if it is not compatible – there will be no refund because the work was still done. After you get the comparison result it is still important for you to meet the person and make up your own mind. Horoscope matching can help you narrow down your choices but in the end you have to decide what’s best for yourself.

You can additionally provide a list of 5 things in order of importance to you that you want to be certain of in a potential mate. Eg. - Must work or must support my career or must be social and outgoing because I go to a lot of parties or I don’t like going to parties and would not like a person who likes to party all the time.

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