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Preparing for the future YEARLY CHART

THE YEARLY CHART consultation is all about THE YEAR AHEAD for YOU


The Yearly Chart is an annual chart calculated from your Natal Chart.  It analyzes the trends and highlights the focus areas in your life for the year ahead. Every year of our life is different from the year before - each year has a new focus for you which brings its own set of interesting possibilities, accolades, challenges and issues. 

  • The Yearly chart will discuss clearly what issues, events, challenges, and possibilities will tend to arise in the coming year.

  • Learn what area of your life (work / relationship / children / health etc.) will demand most of your energy and focus for the year.

  • Understand and prepare for changes taking place in particular areas of life indicated in the chart.

  • Most important of all with this knowledge you can plan and prepare in time to offset potentially difficult issues.

It helps if you've had a Natal Chart consultation to better understand your own responses and behaviours to what's coming up ahead.  Since the Yearly Chart information is valid from one birthday to the next, it is advisable to book in advance for the consultation just before or around your birthday.

$250 for a  1 hr session.
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