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building better relationships COMPARISON CHART

Two Women



Comparison Chart is the analysis of two Natal Charts with a view to understand and determine the compatibility between two persons involved in a relationship or about to start a relationship.

  • It  examines individual and combined strengths and challenges that you and your partner will encounter in your relationship.


  • It points out possible areas in the relationship where attitudes and behaviours can clash because of differences in each person's individual personality and experience of life. 


  • It will help shed light on each person's responses and expectations in romance, money, status, commitment, children, in-laws etc. and help bring clarity in joint relationship goals.


  • Most importantly it reveals the type of communication and interaction level of each person individually and jointly with each other. This knowledge can go a long way towards keeping the lines of communication and discussion open thereby building a strong, healthy, harmonious and possibly very enjoyable relationship.


The comparison chart can help you improve the depth of understanding of yourselves and your interactions with each other; encouraging growth, acceptance and resolution of differences.

$499 for a  2.5 hr session.
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