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understanding yourself 


Natal astrology opens the door to understanding yourself

THE NATAL CHART consultation is all about YOU

The Natal Chart is the interpretation of the planets as positioned at your precise moment of birth. Understanding this astronomic snap shot of planets and stars present in the sky at your particular birth time is very similar to reading a map. The Natal Chart is the map of your life. Just like you use a road map to plan a journey - with the Natal Chart you will learn all about the unique plan and journey of your life.


  • The Natal Chart states clearly what the primary motivation of your life is and how, where and when you will fulfill it.

  • It explains in detail the way you interact with the world, how others see you, where you shine and where you feel uncertain.


  • It also explains your emotions and general attitudes to love, relationships, career, education, home, creativity, travel and health.

  • It explores your strengths and weaknesses and also points out how you can take advantage of your innate potential so you can prepare and plan ahead for success.

  • It examines in depth the areas of your life where difficulties may arise and how you can work to resolve them.


The ancient science of Astrology is widely used by people in many cultures to help them understand the unique journey of their individual lives.  Understanding yourself through astrology can help align you towards empowering yourself to enjoy a better fulfilled, successful and possibly a much much happier life!

$250 for a  1 hr session.
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